Types of Cold Cut Sandwiches

When people think of cold cut sandwiches, convenience is always a major factor. It is very easy to throw a sandwich together with just a few simple ingredients, and they can be tasty without being complicated. What are some of the best types of cold cut sandwiches out there? 

types of cold cut sandwiches

Types of Cold Cut Sandwiches

The type of meat is obviously important, but it’s the little things that can really bring a different taste to the table. Be creative with the meat whether it be turkey, ham, salami, chicken, and roast beef are considered the most common meats used in cold cut sandwiches

Going Outside of Your Comfort Zone


However, it is perfectly fine to go outside the comfort zone once in a while. For example, pastrami and corn beef can be used not only to make reubens, but many other sandwich options for lunch or dinner. Sausages like liverwurst, bologna, mortadella, and tongue all our tasty options as well. It’s fine to rely on the staples, but switching up the meat once in a while can add a new, tasty experience to eating cold cuts. 


Try different cheeses as well Everyone has their favorite cheeses already, and most of the basics will be able to pair perfectly with any meat. However, there is no reason why the same cheese should be used every single day. Like Swiss cheese on your cold cut sandwich? Havarti is a similar option. It has a buttery feel and taste to it, and it goes well with virtually any meat out there. Manchego is a cheese made from sheep’s milk, and it is a very hard option originally from Spain. When thinly sliced, it can add a different flavor than most of the traditional cow’s milk cheeses like cheddar and American. Provolone cheese is always a popular choice, and provolone piccante is a slightly sharper and saltier option. It’s different enough that it will provide a new taste, but it won’t scare too many people off. 


Stick with the bread you like. Most people keep their sandwich is pretty plain with the bread they choose, so there is really no reason to switch up what works well. The overwhelming flavors are going to come from what is between the two slices of bread, so it’s not really that important to mess around with different types. With that said, if the bread is standing out for all the wrong reasons, it’s important to try out a few other options. Find something dependable that pairs well with multiple types of cold cuts. Common bread options for cold cuts include Italian, wheat, a baguette or Kaiser roll. You can even try opting for a tortilla to make a wrap instead if the restaurant that you’re at offers it. They are worth trying at least once to ensure you have the tastiest option. 


Add the toppings you like, but don’t force it. A cold cut sandwich, at its core, needs to be simple. The best way to keep things as simple as possible? Add quality items, not quantity. Some people like to add a vegetable or two of their liking to a cold cut sandwich. Lettuce or spinach pair well with any meat, and tomatoes are always a staple as well. 


Dressings can also add more flavor to a sandwich. Don’t add too much that the meats and cheeses are overwhelmed, but otherwise, the dressing can complete a cold cut. Remember to keep it quick and easy to prepare. 

Bottom Line

No matter what, cold cut sandwiches should be simple to prepare. As soon as they need additional prep time, it no longer remains a true cold cut sandwich. Embrace the quickness of this type of food. Learn how to throw a few food items together to make a few of the types of cold cut sandwiches mentioned above or visit a good restaurant that is known for their sandwiches.

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